Research Certification

Administration Staff are certified by Inspector Education Services in providing accurate and reliable data for properties to be assessed.

Commercial Property

Each Staff Inspector is certified by Inspector Education Services to perform commercial building assessments.

leading the industry with experience and advanced technology

Why kross?

  • ​ Experience

With millions of square feet Inspected every year and over 30,000 assignments completed, our team of professionals have the experience needed to complete any size project with the utmost Professionalism and Efficiency.

Not only are our Staff Inspectors qualified to perform physical site assessments, all are certified as Instructors for Inspector Education Services.  We teach other Inspectors how to perform these assignments!


  •  Deadlines

In performing over 30,000 assignments since inception, our company knows how important deadlines are for due diligence.  We have the fastest turnaround times in the industry from site Inspection scheduling within 24 hours to delivery of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments within 5 business days! We can help you meet the tightest of contingency deadlines without sacrificing quality or customer service! 


  •  Communication

Your time is valuable! Our staff is available every day from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM.  Call (877) 496-4662 between those hours and have most service requests answered immediately!

Of course, quote and scheduling requests are available on this site as well!  CLICK HERE to request a quote online.

About Us

Comprehensive services provided efficiently in order to allow you to make quick and informed decisions.


Kross Inspectors is a pioneer in the industry with the tools and resources required to provide our Clients with the information needed to make a truly informed decision regarding a potential purchase of Real Estate.

Since inception in 2007, we have found the Inspection and Due Diligence industry to be lacking in resources for efficient and timely delivery of information to Clients. In 2010, we set forth on developing proprietary onsite reporting software, thus eliminating the need for Inspectors to transfer notes to reports after the site Inspection. This improves efficiency as well as eliminating translation errors between inspectors when transferring data to the final report.

Beyond our proprietary reporting software, we incorporate use of the latest in testing equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, moisture detection devices, electrical measuring/monitoring devices, air sampling pumps and more. 

With the use of the latest technology in reporting and Inspecting, we are equipped to deploy a team of Inspectors to each property with the ability to Inspect an average of 25,000 square feet per hour efficiently without sacrificing quality.   

From Building Inspections to Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, you will find that our experienced team of professionals have the ability to deliver all of your due diligence needs while reducing the stress and time consumption of having to deal with multiple firms.

  • Kross Inspectors Commercial Inspections Phase 1 (one) Environmental Site Assessments are accepted by Lenders Nationwide
  • Phase 1 (one) Environmental Site Assessments in Fort Myers and all over Florida (7-10 Day Turnaround Time)
  • Commercial Building Property Inspections in Fort Myers and all over Florida (Reports delivered same day!)
  • Kross Inspectors Commercial Inspections Commercial Building Property Inspections are performed by our own Team of Professionals   


Kross inspectors Commercial Inspections Phase 1 (One) Environmental Site Assessments

Inspector Licensing

Our team of Inspectors are all licensed and complete continuing education often in order to keep up with industry changes.  


Our firm is a member of Environmental Solutions Association, a leader in providing education for Environmental Service Providers.

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