Our Phase I ESA incorporates an on site Inspection of the subject property followed by a comprehensive report. This assessment follows current ASTM Standard 1527-21 as required by the All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) final rule published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at 40 CFR Part 312. 

If a Phase I ESA discovers possible contamination or concerns, then a Phase II may be needed to verify.  Phase II is the testing stage and may include soil testing or groundwater sampling to confirm the presence of contamination and determine the steps required to mitigate.  Mitigation is considered Phase III.  

Kross Inspectors DOES NOT offer Phase II Testing or Phase III Mitigation as this is a conflict of interest encouraging the Assessor to increase fees by thousands of dollars by offering testing. We refer ALL Phase II testing and Phase III Mitigation to the appropriate firms if our initial assessment warrants further action.  Users should consider that further testing is recommended in only 15% of the Phase I ESA's performed by Kross Inspectors! 

Advanced technology incorporated within our Phase I ESA's allow for the fastest turn around time in the industry!  Typical turnaround time is 5 business days with site appointments available within 24 hours!

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Phase I environmental site assessements

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

As a leader in the Inspection Industry, Kross Inspectors realizes how important performing "due diligence" is when conducting a Real Estate transaction. 

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA) is completed to research the current and historical uses of a property as part of a commercial Real Estate transaction. The assessment reports if current or historical use of the property may have impacted the soil or groundwater beneath the property and create a potential threat to the environment and/or cause health hazards.

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